Franchise Bookkeeping Package

The number one reason small businesses, including franchises, fail is because of a cash flow problem. They don’t have the money to cover remodels or upgrades to their equipment. In the worst case, they may fall short when it’s time to buy supplies or do payroll.

As a franchisee owner, you know the steep learning curve needed to understand your business operation, deal with regulations, and manage people. Crucial functions like bookkeeping can fall to the bottom of the list because you don’t have enough time.

Handling payroll according to regulations, maintaining records accurately, and paying attention to tax events helps avoid stiff penalties. Do you have time to do this?

The experienced bookkeepers, payroll processors, and tax consultants at KNR Services, Inc. can help you avoid cash flow problems, save you time, and help you stay compliant.

Franchise Bookkeeping Package

Our bookkeeping package for franchisees includes:

  • One bank reconciliation monthly
  • One credit card reconciliation monthly
  • Income-Expense (Profit-Loss) Report monthly, quarterly, and yearly
  • Balance Sheet Report quarterly and yearly
  • Trial Balance Report quarterly and yearly
  • Sales Tax Reporting (Quarterly and annual sales tax reporting to Board of Equalization (CA)), a $65 value, is included with the bookkeeping package

We review these reports with you so you understand the impact of this information on your business.

Franchise Payroll Processing

  • Payroll processing set up
  • Payroll processing for five employees (additional fee for additional employees)
  • Direct deposit for employees
  • Quarterly reporting to IRS and any state
  • Annual payroll reports
  • W-2 forms
  • Online access to your payroll processing

How much will this cost?

Complete Package (Includes ALL the following services) PLUS a 25% discount on individual and corporate tax preparation: $280/month

Bookkeeping Package: $200/month

Payroll Processing Package: $80/month (up to 5 employee)

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With over two decades of experience working with franchisees, KNR Services, Inc. knows how to take the hassle out of necessary bookkeeping, payroll and reporting tasks.