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Initially I had selected KNR out of the neighborhood yellow pages to handle my personal tax return. That “shot in dark “turned out to be quite a success! . I was extremely satisfied and impressed by their efficacy , their professionalism and most important their personalized approach to my account. I felt totally in confidence with KNR to the point when in 2009 as President of Apollo Seeds Inc. I offered them the possibility of taking charge of the accounting part of our nascent company.

With their knowledgeable and very helpful staff, they diligently and patiently worked with us and managed to structure our company acting not only as professional accountants but as Tax advisers as well. They became true partners of our organization.

Elias R. C.President

I retired from IBM in 1992 after 27 years of service at the age of 60. I still had a few years left before collecting Social Security. So I decided to start my own business. My experience in IBM was in Software development and Marketing and many suggested I go into Consulting in Software Development or Marketing. But I wanted to do something totally unrelated and something that would be fun. After much deliberation I decided to go into Landscaping which was close to my hobby of gardening. I knew a lot about plants and flowers since in every house, we had a beautiful garden. I needed some experience in design and I took some courses so that I was proficient in the design process.

Landscaping services were lousy at that time, haphazard and unreliable. With my background at IBM, I wanted to provide a high class reliable service with quality and elegance. I did not want to be bothered with payroll, bookkeeping or tax matters so I can focus on my main business. That is when I started looking for a an Accounting services company . I am happy to say that I was introduced to K.N.R Services and to Mr. Rana the owner. Mr. Rana helped me to set up our corporation, Water Wise Classicscapes , Inc., our Accounting system and the Payroll system. By then our business started growing with more customers as well as more employees. We branched into other areas such as concrete, stone hardscapes, stamped concrete, water features etc. We even won some First place Awards at the State level from the Landscape Contractors’ Association. In the span of four to five years Water Wise became one of the sought after Landscape companies in San Jose.

Mr. Rana helped me to analyze our operation and determine which areas were profitable and which areas was not so we could streamline our operations. In the mean time I developed some health problems and had to undergo major surgeries for heart and back problems and my doctor advised me to retire for good and take it easy.

We decided to move to Myrtle Beach, SC so we could be closer to our grandchildren. In the meantime Mr. Rana continues to be our Financial advisor, and continues to prepare our tax returns although we are in a different state.

Over the last twenty years, Mr. Rana has become not only a trusted Tax Advisor but also a good friend. His financial and tax expertise has been a great benefit to me. I don’t hesitate to recommend KNR to anyone. I wish Mr. Rana all the success.

Sincerely,Ralph A.

I have been using KNR services for almost a year and I am extremely happy. It is the first time I have felt that our bookkeeper is really on top of things, keeping my records up to date, and more importantly ensuring their accuracy. I would have no hesitation referring KNR services to anyone who is looking for a competent and efficient book keeping service.

Arjang T.AAMCO Transmission of Tracy

KNR Services, provides outstanding service with professionalism, responsiveness and quality. They combine their expertise, experience and the friendly staff in providing personal and professional attention. We can rely on competent advice and fast, accurate response from their personnel. We have been using financial services from them for our small businesses and personal financial needs for over 10 years now. We have benefited from trusted advice to enable us to make informed financial decisions. We receive answers to our questions, both for our taxes and everyday financial management of our situations. We very much appreciate their work.

**NT and VT –Both medical professionals in the bay area.

KNR, with their professional advice and services has helped me to save time and money on my business and personal tax. They seriously know what they doing and have great patience to educate the clients about the basics and in-depth know-how about the tax laws. Their help in advanced tax planning has saved me big amount of dollars for the past years. I really like their independent error-free tax filling method where the client need only to spend few hours with them to validate the important information. They have helped me save big dollars on tax returns years after years. I am seamlessly recommending KNR tax services to all my friends and families.

Thanks for the great services.Harjinder L.

As an owner of a small contracting business, my focus has been on my customers. KNR has always been responsive to my inquiries, handled all my forms and payroll needs, and their efforts have made it easier for me to focus on my customers. I highly recommend KNR Services to my family and friends!

Mark P.Owner